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ZORAKI 918 [1]
Color:black Calibre:9mm Type:pistol Number of shots:18+1 Size of the weapon:Central Weight:865g Total length:218x142 Gunstock:plastic
ZORAKI 917 [1]
Gas gun Atak Zoraki 917 is a true copy of Glock 17 used to self-defense, as well as adrenaline moments, sports and recreational purposes. Because of its compactness and compatibility with pyrotechnic extension it can be used for various celebrations (New Year's Eve, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, weddings). The pistol has a very attractive design. Magazine capacity is 17 shots. The gun has a plastic frame, which greatly lighten the weapon. Ergonomics is very well prepared.
ZORAKI 925 [1]
Gas gun Atak Zoraki 925 Plastic case Tray 1 + 15 shots, 1 + 25 shots Adapter to extent the head (for esthetic purposes) Wrench for installation and removal of adapters Cleaning brush Oil Instructions Certificate of warranty
ZORAKI 2918 [1]
Color:black Calibre:9mm Type:pistol Number of shots:18 Size of the weapon:large Weight:875 g Total length:205,5 mm Gunstock:plastic

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مسدس المدي الطويل المسدس الاشهر علي الاطلاق عند الامريكان لانه بكل بساطه هو الوحيد شبيه الجلوك المسدس صناعه تركي امريكي المسدس 9 مللي 16 طلقه طبعا دبل اكشن سريع صلب بالتاكيد يعني ما فيش سخونه للماسوره والخزنه المسدس الزوراكي 917 دبل فقط 1300 جنيه في عروض الاسبوع للاتصال 01155115297- 01155115869- 01128441111

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